Clipboard Manager Documentation


1.1 Download and Install

The software can downloaded from here:
Clipboard Manager require Windows 7/8/10 in version 64 bit only.

Once the download is done, double click on the file to execute it, validate the windows UAC message (if any) and run the installer.



NOTE: A Windows warning message may be displayed on first application launch, just validate the execution the file is 100% virus free of course
Click on "More info" and "Run anyway".



Once Clipboard Manager is installed, you'll get a Windows notification informing that the software is properly running. An option available from the settings (activated by default) will automatically run the software on Windows startup.



1.2 Software Activation

By default Clipboard manager is given with a free 30 days trial version. To activate your licence, register and purchase a licence from the download and prices pages here.



Once it's done, from the software settings hit the button REGISTER YOUR COPY


Then login with the very same credentials you've used on the website.



1.3 Clipboard Manager Update

Clipboard Manager updates are checked at each launch automatically or you can force a verification from the settings. 
To do so, click on the systray icon > Settings top right icon > Check for updates



If an update is available, a windows will guide you through the update process after you've closed your application.



2.3 Clipboard Manager Behaviour

One Clipboard Manager is installed you can open it from the systray icon. The default behaviour of the the software is to open a window with all the UX and once you click outside this window the UX will vanish.



To change the default behaviour, do a right-click on the systray then select whether:

  • Hide automatically: default behaviour, mentioned above
  • Always on top: Clipboard Manager will remain on top of other windows
  • Normal window: Clipboard Manager will be a separated window


The window latest position, size and tab selected (clipboard list or copy-paste history) will be stored in database and restored each time Clipboard Manager is loaded.


2.2 Manage Clipboard History

The Clipboard history tab displays the copy-paste history. Each element contain:

  • The title of the window (if any)
  • The software in use
  • The date of the copy
  • 2 lines of introduction text



The copy paste history volume can be defined from the settings




You can apply several action on a clipboard history element, from left to right icons:

  • Make a formatted text copy
  • Make a RTF copy
  • Make a plain text copy
  • Edit the element (in order to save it in the clipboard list eventually)
  • Remove the element from the clipboard
  • Add the element to an existing list




2.3 Copy Paste Formats

There's 3 format of copy - paste you can choose:

  • Plain text is the data that represent only characters and not its graphical representation nor other objects like images
  • RTF (Rich Text Format) is a document file format with published specification developed by Microsoft Corporation from 1987 until 2008 for cross-platform document interchange with Microsoft products
  • Formatted text, styled text or rich text, as opposed to plain text, has styling information beyond the minimum of semantic elements: colours, styles (boldface, italic), sizes, and special features in HTML

Each time you copy a content, the content is stored as HTML and the copy format depends of:

  • The software where the content has been copied (web browser, text editor...)
  • The software where you copy the element


A quick copy from the clipboard history can be done with a double click on an element. You can define the default copy format from the settings.



TIP: When making a text copy, use the CTRL+ MAJ + V to force coping in plain text



3.1 Create Lists and Clipboard Lists

From the top left tab Clipboard List you'll be able to add classified clipboard elements into lists like folders and subfolders. All the elements saved in your custom list will be stored in the database and never removed (unless you want to)

To create a list use the bottom right button. To remove or rename them use the buttons above.


List can be ordered from top to bottom and from left to right to create a sub-list


Each element from a list can be ordered using drag'n drop too



To add a custom element, use the button ADD ELEMENT. An editor will be opened and you can type the content you want inside.




3.2 Search in Clipboard Manager

A search function available in Clipboard Manager, you can search through your clipboard history and your clipboard list. Hit the search button and type anything.

The search results contain some additional information like if the element is from clipboard history or your clipboard list and the date of creation.



3.3 Import / Export data

An Import/Export feature is available allowing you to export your clipboard list and import it to another computer (or for a backup purpose).

To use it go to your settings then use the IMPORT DATABASE / EXPORT DATABASE buttons to generate a database file.



NOTE: Beware, when you import a database all your current will be replaced by the new ones! We have planned of adding such feature along with an account automatic synchronisation


3.4 Run an Import with A Database File Replacement

The Import/Export process is replacing the existing database, if for some reason you want to make the process manually, here's the steps to follow:

  • Close the Clipboard Manager software
  • Open the Windows file browse and activate the option to display hidden files and folders
  • Open the following folder C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\DXT United\Clipboard Manager
  • Replace the file named Database.db
  • Relaunch Clipboard Manager



Several settings are available in Clipboard Manager:

  • Clipboard max. items: define the number of element to store in your clipboard history
  • Launch on Windows startup: Launch the software when your system starts
  • Include images in clipboard: Save images along with text when you copy content
  • Font size: The font size in % used in Clipboard Manager UX
  • Double click copy as: the default copy format when you use a double click to copy an element from your list





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